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21.5′′ Display Woodway Self-Generating Curve Treadmill (K22)

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Product Description

Item No: K-22
Name: Self-Generating Woodway Curve Treadmill

1) 21.5-inch TFT colorful touch screen, with friendly and clear man-machine interface.
2) Simultaneously displaying time, mileage, speed, heart rate, caloric consumption, step number and other parameters.
3) Simultaneously displaying target progress.
4) Three-type (track-type, scene-type and curve-type) exercise interfaces.
5) Safe pull-switch for emergency stop, with shielding selectable.
6) Unique professional racing exercise mode and reach-the-standard testing mode.
7) Maximum speed can be set and changed in any time.
8) LCD touch screen control as well as key control, easy for operation.
9) Unique user information management function.
10) Unique exercise result ranking function.
11) Contact-type and wireless heart rate measurement.
12) Standard USB interface for charge of cell phone, MP3 and Pad.
13) Chinese and English bilingual support.
14) Metric and imperial unit support.
15) Fully automatic charging, protecting and status indication function of storage battery.
16) Automatic electricity saving function of storage battery, starting up on movement and one-key power on and off function.
17) Exterior interface for charging of storage battery.
18) Clock function.
19) Machine status inspection function.
20) Exercise distance and time accumulation function.
21) Maintenance free for the whole machine.

Technique Data:
1) Display: 21.5-inch TFT colorful touch screen, 16.7M color, 1024*600.
2) Speed limit range: 5~25km/h, being settable.
3) Speed-limit adjustment interval: 0.1~2, being settable.
4) Six mode categories (18 kinds): Target mode, professional racing mode, long-distance race mode, mountain mode, step-by-step mode, reach-the-standard mode;
5) User management number: 100 thousand
6) Standard USB charging interface: 5V± 0.2V, 2000mA;
7) Running area: 430mm× 1570mm
8) Driving force: Manual force, with no need of motor.
9) Maximum load: 160kg
10) Inclination: Precision radian tread mill design
11) Charging voltage of exterior storage battery: DC18V/2A.
12) Storage battery: 12V/12AH
13) Covering area (L*W*H): 1650mm× 845mm× 1740mm
14) Working environment: -10~50oC, humanity not higher than 85%.
15) Weight: 201kg (net weight)

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