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2017 Hot Selling Octane Fitness Zero Runner (K-926)

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Product Description

Item No: K-926
Name: Zero Runner
Size: 1300x1000x1450mm
Weight: 80KG
Revolutionize Your Running Performance with Zero Runner.
When you run, does the wear and tear on your body prevent you from running as fast or as often as you’d like?
Do you wish you could take more active recovery days, continuing to work out your muscles without straining your body?
  1) The Zero Runner is ideal for:
    * Competitive runners who want to extend their running careers and improve performance.
    * Runners with past or chronic injuries who want to avoid additional injury.
    * Homeowners adding one piece of cardio equipment and wanting low-impact and quiet, but the high intensity of a running workout.
  2) Avoid injury and extend your running career
    The Zero Runner’s innovative design allows you to run with absolutely zero impact on your joints, helping you to extend your running career without the stress and strain that normally accompanies running, whether outside or on the treadmill.
   * Feel as strong at mile 10 as at mile 1.
   * Take active recovery days. Continue working on your running muscles and build endurance without adding any further stress to your body.
   * Extend your workout far beyond what is normally possible running outside or on a treadmill.
  3) Try running 8 miles outside, then 8 miles on the Zero Runner. The difference is immediately noticeable: no impact means you can:
   * Pain or injury won't prevent you from running ever again!
   * Master your gait and improve running performance
   * The Zero Runner has no moving belt or fixed track. Instead, independent pedals and ingenious hip and knee joints allow you to replicate real running motion. You not only create the movement and set the pace, but also to learn and master your running form and gait.
For serious runners, the Zero Runner provides a whole new way to train. Don’t just add additional miles. Get more out of every mile by enhancing your training regimen with the Zero Runner.
  4) By suspending the body, the Zero Runner lets you move through the 4 phases of the runner's gait to create a movement and pace that is uniquely yours.
   * Initiate - transfer weight to the lead foot
   * Pull Through - acceleration that requires a strong hamstring contraction
   * Lift - knee flexion with hamstring curl for kick phase (heel to glute)
   * Extension - hip flexion, then knee extension to start the next stride
The Zero Runner displays your gait information. You can monitor your stride length and height for consistency throughout your run.
  5) Improve your performance and increase your speed & endurance!
    Cross train to improve performance and maximize your at-home workout.
Athletes know that simply running is not enough. Cross training minimizes overuse injuries by strengthening the entire body and incorporating different exercises.
    Zero Runner has a CROSS CIRCUIT program, available at the touch of a button with the SmartLink app that downloads on your favorite Apple device.
Use CROSS CIRCUIT for your cardio intervals while incorporating lateral training, plyometrics, core moves, and an upper body workout.
   With the Zero Runner, you get the maximum workout in a minimum of floor space!

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Zero RunnerZero Runner

Zero RunnerZero Runner

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